Rust Montana Effect Wall Art Decor


The new Montana RUST Effect spray now available - for the illusion of rust and oxidization. Ideal for hobby, DIY, or creative projects. Apply as a single color, or both together as desired for an organic look. Can be used on different surfaces such as paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, acrylic, and other paintable materials. The rust effect is created by a nitro-combi formulation that mimics the appearance of oxidized. Apply RUST Effect Brown, and Brown Orange on top of each other for a more organic appearance. Rust Effect can be top coated and combined with Montana GOLD, Montana ACRYLIC markers, and customary acrylic paints once completely dry. Pre-priming is required for application on polystyrene (Use Montana Styrofoam primer and make sure to seal the surface completely). Color as shown by the donut on the can. USE: Best working temperature between +10°C and +25°C. During application, protect the object and the surrounding area from spray mist. Surfaces should be dry, clean of dust, and oils before application. Shake can well for 2-3 minutes. Remove lid before use. For best results apply at 25cm from the object. Apply in thin even layers, in a sweeping motion with at least 2 min drying time between each pass. Allow 24h curing time before applying other coatings. Always test spray on a non-visible area to check the compatibility of lacquer or paint.

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