Montana-Cans offers a wide variety of speciality Marker & Inks for all purposes. The water-based Montana ACRYLIC marker range is available in 36 vibrant colors that match the Montana GOLD spray paint series. The high-quality paint is lightfast, water- and abrasion proof (when sealed with Montana VARNISH) allowing application to almost any surface. The Montana BOLD Marker range offers several types of markers in different sizes and alcohol-based Permanent Ultra Ink that is permanent and UV-resistant. The Line offers several carefully selected colors as Refills or pre-filled in a sturdy aluminum body. All Markers are fully refillable. Replacement nibs are available separately. Highest quality made in Germany.

Montana Acrylic Water Base

Montana Marker SET

Montana EMPTY Acrylic Marker

montana cans canada empty acrylic marker

Montana Acrylic Marker

Montana Acrylic Refill

Montana BOLD INK

Montana BOLD Marker

Montana BOLD Refill

Montana Sketchliner

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