Montana Glow Effect

Montana NIGHTGLOW is a high-grade acrylic paint which contains luminescent pigments that store light (absorbed energy) and emit the light in darkness. This luminescent effect is only visible in total darkness. The length of glowing time is dependent on the intensity of the light charge and thickness of the paint layer (it is recommended to apply multiple layers of NIGHTGLOW paint lacquer on a primed surface). The glowing effect is strongest immediately after charging the painted object and then it starts to fade. For indoor and outdoor applications. For best effect, use a strong light source to charge, then allow paint to glow in a completely dark environment. The effect spray is suitable for all smooth, rough or light responding primed surfaces such as metal, wood, hard plastics, primed carton, walls etc. Drying time can vary depending on substrate. Limited resistance to weathering, light and UV-influences. To improve UV-resistance seal with Montana VARNISH Gloss 400ml. Recommended to use with Montana Fat caps. Available as 400ml.

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